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Alternative methods of payment
  • Money Order
  • Western Union
  • Personal Check
  • Cash

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    Credit Card:
    The default method of payment by credit card is FAST, SAFE and EFFECTIVE. You will receive your order in less than 24 hours.

    Alternative methods of payment:
    You can also submit electronically your order form and pay by (1) money order or (2) Western Union.


    Three Contacts: $60.00
    Package B - Up to 20 contacts: $70.00
    Package C - Up to 40 contacts: $120.00
    Package D - Up to 70 contacts: $150.00

    This alternative mode of payment is applicable as followed:
  • Requirement 1 - 15.00$ US administration fee must be added to your order.
  • Requirement 2 - All orders received by mail and paid for by an "alternative payment method" will be "email" to clients.
    The Agency does not "shipped" mail-order by mail.
  • Before you decide to use that alternative form of order-payment, you must therefore have a valid email address.

  • To order under the options listed below:
  • fill the order form;
  • submit your order electronically; OR
  • print it out and mail it to us with your Money Order payment.

  • Payment by Money Order:
    Your money order should be payable to Globo Exchange

    To cover for additional administration fee, you must add 15.00 US$ to the total amount of your order. There is no waiting time at the bank. We will send your order by email the day we receive it. Send your payment by registered mail.

    This a slow method of payment. It can take up to three (3) weeks to receive your Money Order payment by regular mail. Your will "email" your order the day following reception of payments.

    Payment by Western Union:
    To cover for additional administration fee, you must add 15.00 US$ to the total amount of your order. We will send your order the day we receive your payment. Email your order form to us

    This is a relatively fast method of payment. However, it can take up to three 72 hours to email your order. You must contact us for details before using this payment option.

    Payment by personal check:
    Payments by personal checks are not accepted.

    Payment by Cash:
    This method of payment is not recommended. Sending money by mail is risky. Your money could be stolen with no remedy of recovery. Do not send cash by mail.

    Billing Information:
    For these methods of payment, indicate your
    • full name,
    • full address (country, city, street, postal code),
    • email address (mandatory),
    • your telephone number, to quickly reach you if needed.
    All orders paid for by Money Order or Western Union will be "email" to clients.

    Mailing address:
    Send your order form, with payment by money order, to

          Globo Exchange
          73 Rideau St, P.O. Box 53046
          Ottawa, Ontario
          Canada, K1N 1C5

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